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*____ ohhh what a picture of perfection ;; [entries|friends|calendar]

i love being in love with you ♥
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bleed for me - i didn't get to notice you. <3 [Monday
1:45pm October 3rd]
[ mood | sad ]

haven't updated in forever, & i'm bored so i figured i should. =)-- everything's been so blah lately. i hate it so much. School hasn't even been that bad really, obviously it's wicked gay..but not that bad. none of my classes are HORRIBLE algebra 2, i wouldn't mind advising to blow me - but whatever. Last week was Spirit week, it was alright i guess. Juniors suck wicked bad - all the time. At the assembly on Friday 8 of us had to do the lifesaver thing [ gay. hated it. so hard. ] we cheated =) whatever though, seniors did too. & sophmores are all huge sluts and won everything - they suck bad. who even cares though really?..Friday night went to the bapts/hermon game. won 2-1 =) thenn lauren & i went to the mall, waited for Sarah to get out of work, thenn went to Hillary's for the night..we won't talk about that. Saturday, pretty much slept all day. felt like i was going to die, brent was SUPPOSED to bring me soup after the game, but he didn't. jerk -- Sunday Megan came over & we watched Laguna beach season 1, & talked. then Tristin came over until 930ish. i missed him SO much, i'm seriously in love with him, there's not even a way around it♥ we're kind of bleh right now but, things always work out.i love him & he loves me so it'll be okay. =)
I'm not even going to lie though, i miss a some people so much..we haven't been talking at all lately, hanging out or anything - it sucks so bad i hate it. & i don't even know why. boys i'm assuming..who knows. but it sucks.=( but yeah. later i think megan's gonna come over and watch one tree hill season 1, blehh. today's shitty i'm upset about it.

bye bye beautifuls♥

you know that i love you.
there's no one above you
baby you're my number one

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get you love drunkkk !! [Saturday
9:42pm September 10th]
[ mood | tired ]

i'm gonna get get get get get you drunk
get you love drunk off my humps !!! =)
i love that song. a lot.

--- school sucks.
-- i kind of hate work
-- homework's lame.
-------- tristin's at anthonys so i can't talk to him right now.
-- gwen stafani is a whore & i hate her.
-- i'm really tired.

++ my coughs gone.
+++ tristin's coming over tomorrow morning, i love him so much. ♥♥♥
++ semi's in like two weeks =)
+++ tristin's comming home in like an hour
+++ i love my friends a lot !!!
++ miss. Hillary Hanson goes to hermon now.
+++ i'm getting my nails done tomorrow..YAY!!
++ tristin & i are amazing. we're in love <3

awesome. =) i'm loving my life right now.<33

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take me a w a y from here <3 [Thursday
7:00pm September 1st]
[ mood | bitchy ]

school = beyond gay. oh my fuck, i hate it so much.
i guess my classes aren't as bad as i thought -- but still, they're shitty. B1 i have study hall with absofuckinglutly NO ONE. there's 5 people including me, buttt ry tarr's in there. =) but he's a queer & reads his AP english book - who does that? heh. jk. i'm gonna switch study halls maybe, because lauren has study hall the same period but with Mrs.P && britt, chris & garrett have it with Mrs.Luce soo thinking about it. B2 i have chemistry with branden aaron kait jessie fawn mycah kendra mercedes && those are the only people i like. =) lol. B3 i have conflict resolution -- megan FUCKING helms has it with me. =) && branden katie lacey keri ashley mikeyy ryan brian && lacey. OH && emily, hmm..ew? yup..pretty much i think so. anyway. =) B4 U.S history, not bad i guess. Mr.Small is probably the best teacher ever..i love him. haha -- but MORGEN is in there, zach nick britt & jessie. not badddd. but gold day's suck - don't even get me started. actually i don't know who's in my classes yet..but their going to suck regardless. i drove to school this morning. =) yay. parked righ between mr.deabay & mrs.maynard. =) Homeroom - went over the code of conduct, garrett & Mrs.Pellitier were being ignorant - dress code & alcohol use. faggots. psshhh. we don't even have our old locerks..i moved down like 2 lockers & woodard's by me. so i'm okay with it..but yeah. quick review of my day i suppose. mmmuah<3

bye bye beautifuls♥

PS. outfit today..so cute. jeans; pink gap sweater && my white polo = ♥ lauren wore the same thing..haha yeeeeah only light green sweater. =) we were so god damn cute, it was totally screaming photo op. <3


5:27pm August 25th]
[ mood | crushed ]



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don't fucking touch me..=) [Sunday
10:31pm August 21st]
[ mood | exhausted ]

..tristin just left, i'm in love with that boy, he's such a sweetheart ♥ i'm so lucky he's my boyfriend, he's absolutly amazing - no one else can have him, sorry bitchesss he's mine =) love him. anyway - so we watched alfie & ate some pizza wrote wierd stuff on my door. we're shopping on tuesday, heh =) for school. -- so tomorrow's going to most likely be gay, i have to work 11-4 thenn i'm going to buy my BCBG's & amanda smiths from filenes then, i'm going in town with megan for a little bit, then comming back here probably? with hurd, & morgen &&& maybe lauren? tomorrow night. not sure really. but i just wanted to update real quick =)

bye bye beautifuls♥

i love tristin taylor more than anything♥


i had that dream again.. [Saturday
12:05am August 20th]
[ mood | loved ]

blahh. haven't updated this bad bitch in awhile..too busy i guess.

so i suppose i'll let you know about my fabulous day. i woke up this morning at 5AM to my alarm clock -- beyond gay. && got up, got in the car, had to be at the hospital at 6. Got there, waited in the waiting room for liiiike 10 minutes, if even. thenn Went into the pre-op room & just chilled for awhile in there, got an IV in the top of my hand, i thought it was going to hurt, but it didn't not even a little bit. The nurse just told me to think of somewhere else i'd rather be with tristin. sleeping in his bed is what i thought of. =) heh. So after abouut an hour or so of being in there - i finally went into surgery, i was so nervous that i wasn't going to fall asleep. i'm an idiot. lol, so all i remember is they brought me in the OR, put me on a different bed && my whole body went numb & started tingling, and in my head i just pretty much freaked out, cuz i didn't think that was supposed to happen..well it was. lol thenn i woke up in the recovery room like 2.5 hours later, & was all, what the fuckkkkk. where even am i, lol. so i ate some ritz & apple juice - after another 1.5 hours of being in there i got to go home, i couldn't/can't walk without someone holding onto me though, haha i fall over, i suckk pretty much. but i'm so soar, it hurts so much when i get in & out of bed, soo much. So i came home slept until liike 2:30ish until brent came over to visit me. =) he's my best friend in the entire world, we're gonna have an injured party, so people will get us wierd stuff, cuz we're pretty much the shit and all. thenn Meg helms & hurdy visited, megan only stayed for a minute cuz she was hanging out with the boyfriend, hurd & brent went to the store & bought me a chalkboard? haha random. but i love them, and some laffy taffy cuz it's possibly the most delicious thing in the entire world..- thenn matty harding came over. =) he fixed my dvd player for me, then lauren brought me balloons & another carebear =) i love all of them so much. <33 they're my favorites. So brent hurd matty & i started watching shrek 2, thenn everyone left & i watched mean girls, thenn alisa came over & brought me a bunch of movies, so i watched a lot like love. <33 i absolutly adore that movie. so fucking cute. Tristin went to chelsea's party tonight -gayness. but whateverrrrr. not even mad about it - ashley, siobhan & i got it covered. ;) heh. we're pretty much fucking gangsters. i miss them, to the moon though. =( -- so now i'm on the phone with tristin - he left before the played strip poker, good thing =) or some balls would have come off. haha, only kidding though i love him right to death ♥ tomorrow mom's leaving me all day, so trist's gonna come over after football & hang out with me all day, stay the night probably, if he doesn't play poker with the boys, which would be totally fine as well =)..ugh so not excited about next week, i have to work fuckiing 30 hours - dumbbbbbbb..but i suppose i'm going to go lay down, cuzz my stomachs ripping apart. love you bitches.

bye bye beautifuls♥

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& i can't wait to make you envy me a little more. [Monday
10:48am August 8th]
[ mood | bitchy ]

wicked lazy lately -- i'll give you a quick updateee.
sunday-tuesday // went to litchfield at camp, always a good time with the girls. =)
+ scaring kris. heh
+ dying lorynn's hair the same? color..yeeeah lol
+ mad gab -- PRETTY SH0CK SCENT haha
+ our one channel but ONLY when kris held the antenna the right way..
+ on the dock, in the early early AM hours..looking at stars - kind of. && listening to the crazy kids next door & they're tribal music, along with the occasional mating loons? yeah. wierd. whatev tho !!
+ yes morgen i'm using your method of updating, =) & honestly i don't even care if you have anything to say about it. =) i LOVE you. ♥

wednesday // morgen, megan, kris & joey came over -
+ thennn went to the fair wiiith brent,zach,chris,jessie,nate, ASHLEY EFFING ROSS,codyy!!,jon,justin i missed a.ross & cody =( they're probably my favorites. saw some pretty kick ass kids -- ALEX mother fucking GALLANT,becky,woodard,matth,eric,Blook,daniel,mycah,kendra,jeremy,colly,cheyanne,emily,kayla,ashley,meagan,ryan,chelsey,joey,&& kaylee. yeah they're pretty much the shit.
+ left early, went to taco bell with brent,zach,jessie,joey,jon & nate.

thursday // tristin came over around 1? or sometthing. pretty much just hung out all day,until 9ish..being wierd. i missed him SO much - hadn't seen him in forever..we hate New Jersey. he got me a build-a-bear omg it's so fuckinggg cute. it's pink & it says " i love you kelsey! " =) it's my favorite thing ever in the entire world.♥

friday // i went over to tristin's at 5, talked about some stuff, thenn around 8 baber came over & they played NCAA 06 for like 2 hours, awesome haha me & ariel just kinda chilled on the couch for awhile..He left at 10 - thenn we hung out until 11..then i went home - talked to tristin, until 3..then went to bed.

saturday // tristin came over around 12 -- hung out, watched the beginning of the pacifier buttt we got bored of it.."fought" for a while, got a bruise..on my lip, great haha - buttt i totally kicked his ass, again. like always. =) heh. thenn tristin had the AWESOME idea to go to carmel days with my mom - yeah no though it wasn't a good idea at all. Kris & Lauren came over &&&& we went. it was ridiculously gay, so we sat in the car for like an hour - thenn walked down to the store, thenn we left w. joey & went back to my house. tristin left around 10, laur,kris&joe left at liike 11ish? or sometime i don't know. butttttt i love tristin a lot, he's amazing..wicked glad he's MY boyfriend. =)

sunday // kris came over, we watched the pacifier && thirteen i absolutly LOVE that movie. ♥♥♥ thenn megan came over, then joey, then nate. thennnn we went to dysie's for like 10 minutes, & decided to go to dunkin d's instead. came home, hung out for awhile, talked to tristin, went to sleep.

today's going to be gayyyyy..there's nothing to do at all
+ tristin has to work -- dumb hopefully i'll see him later on though?
+ tumbling tonight..
+ the girls are hanging out tonight =) excited. i've missed morgen's slutty self.
+ the end i guess?

so, i guess this really wasn't a quick update. but who really cares right? - yeah didn't think so.
..the conclusion i & a few of my amazing friends came too girls are DUMB =) heh. honestly they just need to give up already - it's getting ridiculous, really it is. " oh baby i miss you, ilove you, i'm gayy mehh "..get used to it. ugh..but really, i'm over it..because the way i look at it..if he wanted them, he wouldn't be with me.& he is, so pretty much i'm just letting them be jealous..cuz well,they should be. =) haha. i love my friends so much.♥ && i love tristin.

k so i guess i'm going to go now. =)

bye bye beautifuls♥

i love you i love you i love you i l o v e y o u

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fuck yeah we can live like this. [Wednesday
6:43pm July 27th]
[ mood | amused ]

new journal. =) im kind of getting sick of it.


add it bitches !!

bye bye beautifuls. ♥

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don't cry a tear for me now babyy..<3 [Wednesday
10:48am July 27th]
[ mood | anxious ]

blahh. so i guess i'm really not in that much trouble. monday was morgen & lorynn's birthday =] their the shit, not to mention my best friends. tristin came over after work, we pretty much did absolutly nothing, layed in my room & listened to the radio..talked. ANYWAY. ;) so tuesday i had cheering, it wasn't bad at all. it's going really well actually, everyone's getting along & what not. we're all hitting everything, i love cheering. =) So after that, i came home for a while, got ready & what not. thenn tris & i went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's then back to his house. again i whooped his assss on the trampoline..haha - although i did accidently hit him in the nose, i felt like a huge jerk. i'm an idiot. heh. he wasn't mad though..soo then we watched Coach Carter. we had fun..aggrivated at times, but still amazing =). haha..velma..you're gay so funny. so mom picked me up around like 10:30ish, on the way home the side of my stomach started to hurt wicked bad..to the point where i had to actually try to breath. Then i got home & was in excrushiating (sp?) pain..i was on the phone with tristin ballingg, & i never ever cry when i'm hurt. then morgen called him & he told her to call me, i just kinda wanted to talk to her for awhile. So around 11:30 i went to the emergency room, talked to tristin the entire way there, & while i was in the waiting room. i love him so so so SO much, seriously i would absolutly die without him. i pretty much thought i was going too last night, soo - didn't end up leaving the ER until like 2:30ish, i just came home & passed out. I woke up this morning, & it hurt again, just not as much..it hurt like when you're running for awhile. except worse. i REALLY wanted to go to cheering today, so much. but i didn't want to get hurt worse..so i stayed home. + tristin didn't want me too..i pretty much cried when i couldn't go though. =( oh well. tomorrow i WILL be going, whether i'm dying or not. on a lighter note..

fucking KRIS is comming home today, you don't even know how happy i am. i'm SO excited to see her, if our parents let us morgen & i are going to put lawn chairs on her front lawn & wait for her to get back..kris said she wanted a party on her front lawn, BUT since we're all idiots and got caught. we can't have a party. but we CAN sit in lawn chairs w. hawaiian cups & umbrellas in them. =) haha with my little pony, skittles & balloons. pretty happy about it. &&& on a not so light note..

tristin's leaving on friday. =( i'm so sad already, i'm most likely going to cry when he leaves.
i love himSO fucking much.

so i guess i'm going to find a good movie to watch. =)

bye bye beautifuls♥

oh & i don't see how you could ever be..anything but mine___♥


something about you pulls me in..& we're falling. [Sunday
3:49pm July 24th]
[ mood | amused ]

yesterday, awesome & completly gay at the same time. So i went to Meg's around like 1, brent & nate also attneded. we pretty much just hung out there all day, Brent & i had a few fights. i have a TON of cuts on my legs from where he stabbed me with the broom, bitch. =] thenn he & i played baseball i whooped him, 15-3. haha or mayyybe it was the other way around, i guess i just suck at that game. So we went on our almost AWESOME camping trip. It was supposed to be, me.tristin.meg.justin.morg.chris.laur.andy.brent.joeyp.&nate. it turned out being all of us, plus cody sullivan, chris archer, chance rudge, brian carle. && tristan hurly & laurenk showed up for awhile, but we didn't mind about them. =] soo anyway. after probably an hour or two, pretty much we were just hanging out being badass's. chris archer decides to be a HUGE fag, and punches tristin in the face. i FREAKED right the fuck out. screaming at him and what not. =] but i guess they got it all figured out?..whatever. thenn about an hour or so later, tristin&i went for a walk, chilled in nates car for awhile. THEN the police showed up..awesome. or not though, it sucked so bad. because we were 16 & drinking they called all our parents && they had to come get us..after we had been drinking. i was freaking, shaking & what not. then lorynn cried, so i cried..then morgen. megan was pretty much just chill about it. haha i fucking love that girl.joey that badass, hid in his truck & didn't get caught. haha we fucking love him. <3 so tristin's parents had to come all the way from otown to get him, no good at all. but his parents weren't even mad cuz we're pretty much the shit like that & his parents love me =]so my mom's still letting us hang out because he's responsible & a sweetheart is what she said. haha i love him so much♥

morgen ashlee gove
lorynn elizabeth peterson
& megan sarah helms
are the absolute best friends in the entire world. x a billion. i really have no idea what i would do without them. honestly, i would just die. fuckingg i wish KRIS would have been there, she would have been the shit about it. <3 i miss her so much. liike 5 more days & she'll be back. can't even wait. if i'm not grounded, i'm so hanging out with her for 8 days straight. =]

tristin leaves for New Jersey in 4 days, for a week. I don't know even know what i'm going to do while he's gone, it's going to drive me crazy. i'm going to miss him so much. since we started talking, i've talked to him every single day. i'm going to hate it. i love him so much, like really i'm in love with him ♥ he means the world to me, baby you're my number one =] heh.<33

hopefully mom's going to let me go out to eat w. morgen tomorrow.
& hang out with tristin all day tuesday, before he leaves. ♥ i hope i hope i hope.

i hate girls. =] just for the record. so here's what i've decided.
they're always going to talk & to tell you the truth, i love it.
especially if they're jealous =] hah. i think i'll leave now.

bye bye beautifuls.♥

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* grind with me babyy [Thursday
6:41pm July 21st]
[ mood | naughty ]

&& OOH you're grinding on meee ;) i love that song so effing much. I miss Kris in massive amounts =[, i can't even wait until she gets back. i love her. So, i've had cheering all week 9 to 1. && yesterday until 2 cause of tumbling. gayness. oh well, it's over until monday. WHICH by the way is the amazing morgen gove & loryn petersons birthday, pretty much wicked happy about it. Mom still hasn't given me back my license, it sucks SO much. i hate it..bad. i went over to tristins at some point last week, we played basketball..hah. i suck so much at it, he threw a basketball at me..hit my right in the ribs, i cried. haha it didn't even hurt that bad, i just wanted to make him feel bad. =] it's okay though. the other day i totally kicked his ass on the trampoline, cheater ;] i love him so much. like, not even. " hm. i love tristin " more like.. " holy shit. i am in love with tristin " ♥ he's my baby. =]
but yeah. there wasn't as many girls at cheering this week, actually..just ash andys. i missed her, & briana..we don't care about that though. haha, & it wasn't as hard cause i'm actually in shape now..pretty happy about it, i'd say. almost have my handspring awesome =] Taylir stayed the night last night, got up early, went to camp..came back here, loryn & i took a nap. we're SUCH cool kids. =] Loryn left, Brent, Blook & nate came over for a little bit unexpectedly. They wanted me to go to nate's for poker. noo thanks. i'm way tired..so excited i don't have to get up early tomorrow. & hopefully get to see tris..yeah i'm going to find food though cause i'm a fatty like that. =]

bye bye beautifuls♥

oh oh oh..say it
make love to me
oh oh oh..what
fuck mee ;] heh.

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this is it now everybody get downnn. ;] [Wednesday
2:21pm July 13th]
[ mood | loved ]

so yesterday..just sitting around with loryn & kris, get a knock on the door..so i tell them to go answer it. Waited a few minutes & i didn't hear anyone talking, so i go out there, and brent is standing at my door. i freaked right out. i was SO excited. him & dev i guess talked to their parents about it, annnnd they're moving back already. =] so fucking happy about it. i missed him a lot. ♥♥

k that's all i wanted to say. =]

i absolutly am head over heels in love with tristin taylor..he's my baby.

bye bye beautifuls ♥

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you're my number oneee <3 [Saturday
10:53pm July 9th]
[ mood | worried ]

BRENT JUST CALLED ME.!!! so effing happy, i miss him so much. <3 he's doing good though i guess.

aside from that..my life is pretty much sucking bad right now. I got a speeding ticket yesterday, it was ridiculous actually, We were driving from kris's house back to meg's && nate & meg were in front, then joey & lauren, then me & kris. the cop was driving on the opposite side of the road and he pulled all three of us over, he said we were clocked at 61 in a 45..it's so bullshit we were going MAYBE 55. So me being than complete idiot that i am, had kris with me. so i got two offenses. speeding & carrying a passanger so my ticket's $312 dollars..yeah it sucks so bad. But at the moment cody sull's trying to get the speeding part dismissed..so i hope i hope i hope!!..my mom pretty much hates me though..regardless of my ticket or not, she's been being such a whore to me lately. threatning to make me move with my dad and what not. yeeeah & about that..no thanks. So yesterday i got up early and sarah & i went to denny's for breakfast and to visit misss taylir =] i love that girl so effing much..she's my fav. thenn around 10 i went to tristin's until liiike 7, i absolutly adore him. <3 today Kris picked me up cuzz mom wouldn't let me drive today..bummer. oh well, so yeah we went to c&k to get chicken parMAsean sandwiches. =] haha love her. i saw tristan Hurlburt <3 i missed him. i hadn't seen him since school got out. so pretty happy about it. thennn went to Kris's..her brady & i watched hide & seek..wiiierd movie, but it was really good actually. Thennn got ready in about a half hour and went out to eat with her fam. at OJ's =]..thennn went to the mall for a little bit, met up with Nate;Fawn;Jess & Brendan. came home, talked with morgen, & brent.

oh by the way..

i'm in love with tristin taylor oldmixon, i really don't even know what i would do without him. he means the world to me ♥ i love him so fucking much.

PS. Christopher woodard aka. my best friend & pretty much brother, is the best advice giver in the entire world.

PSS. Morgen gove pssh. that's all i even NEED to say. =] oh & she's my best friend..what a hottie. haha

bye bye beautifuls ♥

i hate absolutly love everything about you.♥

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think of when you call my name - i'll be there♥ [Friday
3:39pm July 1st]
[ mood | bouncy ]

so this week has been pretty eventful..kind of. Cheering all week, it completly kicked my ass, i'm not in shape at all, i have to start running & what not. hate it. Butttt we're already pretty much amazing =] Erika;Rachel;Meagan& i are flying, absolutly love my group. expecially ash, she's pretty much my favorite. only 3 more weeks until cheering..again. gay hmm, so i got my license on tuesday, visted miss kris. heh, thenn went to taylor's for .2 seconds, thenn tristin's for the afternoon. Everyone went to Jessie's camp - jetskiing = amazing. love it a lot. Got home around midnight? Wednesday, went to the movies wiiith, sarah;ash;cody;brent;zach;john & matt. watched war of the worlds ;; so stupid. i hated it, it scared me. I left with brent, cried pretty much the whole way home. =[ got home around 11:30, sat in his car and talked until 12:45ish. Had to say goodbye, cried even more. He's my best friend..ever. it sucks so much he moved, so much. I'm going to miss him tonssss. But zach&i & HOPEFULLY morgen & a couple others are going down in November for a week to visit him, so psyched about that. he said the cutest thing ever to me before he left.
" kels, you're like the bread on my sandwich, without it, it wouldn't be a sandwich..without you i wouldn't be me. " i cried. we've been best friends forever i'm sad. ANYWAY. enough of that. tristin taylor is comming over tonight ♥ i love him so much. he's MYYY baby, & alwayyyys will be. =] that's a good note to end on. ♥

PS. MORGEN'S BACK. ♥ i love her. she's my absolute best friend ever. =]


i'm worth a millon billion katrillon dollarrrs <3 [Wednesday
8:14pm June 22nd]
[ mood | bored ]

new layout. again. =] so this summer is off to an amazing start. some highlights so far..
camping with morg&meg&kris&laur it was a good time. =]
cody's camp with everyone that pretty much ='d amazing. Mcdonalds on the way home with ash&tay&laur haha. =] we love jesse.
nate's house playing DDR..enough said.
camping with tristin&laur&sam&ben&anders..yeah, didn't quite work out that way. =[ balls. oh well.
sunday Colton's camp with a bunch of people.
tomorrow we're going camping with Tristin & them =] should be fun..Last night Kris stayed, we pretty much did nothing, talked, watched love&basketball, then fell asleep. ♥ that movie. - thennn just hung out here all day, it's obvious the sun HATED us today. whatev..tomorrow will be nicer =] thenn went out to eat with my dad at 5ish, thenn went to his house for a little bit saw my absolutly adorable little sister Mckenzie ♥ i love her, she's so effing cute..So now i'm home, doing pretty much nothing, hopefully plans will come up later on? -- so pretty much, i miss morgen a lot i'm not even going to lie about it, i updated her journal. =] Nate left for BC today, i'm gonna miss him =[ Brent leaves for Arizona in like, a week. I'm seriously going to die with he leaves. die. Him&meg&i have been BEST friends since like, 5th grade. k enough of that. i'm going to go clean my room !!

bye bye beautifuls ♥

OH by the way..
i am in love with tristin taylor oldmixon ♥ he's my babyy =]

everything gets hotter when the sun goes down *

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fuck you. & that is the NICEST thing i have to say. [Sunday
6:46pm June 12th]
[ mood | sad ]

such a bad weekend. it really was, friday meghan came over after school & we just kind of hung out for awhile, then lauren came over - meghan left. Laur & i went to the mall, bought skirts && shirts. Came back here went to Chris's for a little bit with, brady; ry; ryan c.;tommy; & mike. kind of boring. Came back here and slept. saturday went to graduation with lauren at 11, sat with meghan. Christine, katrice, jasmine & matty sat behind us. thenn went to Garrett's graduation party, Me & kris just hung around the house for awhile, Megan came over. =[ she has mono. suckyyyy. So me, Kris, Meg, Brady, Kaleb, Billy & Scott just hung out downstairs the whole time. Thennn we had to babysit Blake & Emily until liike 12. Talked on the phone for awhile..didn't turn out good. i'm so pissed upset && everything in between right now. mostly upset - my life is sucking balls right now, hardcore. i hate it so much. So i got off the phone, cried..talked with kris & meg about it for awhile. =[ blahhh i suck. so today kris came over & we studied, worked on our early american history finals. i hate school so much..got online talked for awhile. studied some more, i stubbed my toe..& i was already in a bad mood, and upset so i cried. kris laughed at me, and then i just got pissed and kicked the wall & threw a tantrum..my bad. =] haha. oh, just for the record.
I HATE GIRLS. they're whores - such whores. so pretty much the only girls i have EVER and will ever like are mg mh lp kh tm js ar sn kw cp minus the select few that i forgot to mention - no that doesn't include YOU. you pretty much suck. =] i think i'll leave on that note.


&& i'd give up anything to be with you..

But still I'd leap in front of a flying bullet for you <3

it's you & me
& all other people
with nothing to do
nothing to lose
it's you & me
& all other poeple
&i don't know why
i can't keep my eyes
[ off of you ]♥
i love you

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outrageoussssss !!! ♥ [Thursday
5:20pm June 9th]
[ mood | naughty ]

schools almost out. :) so happy about it. Brent&ashley&fawn&i all went for our licenses on tuesday/wednesday. soo pretty much we all sucked except ashley. =] cuz she's friggen amazing. Brent almost hit a kid. =] haha..fawn didn't look over her shoulder enough, and parallel parking totally kicked my ass. ugh so pissed. haha oh well, whatev. Brent retakes his tuesday, & fawn&i go thursday, as well as misss taylir who goes the same time as me !! excited about it. So i have to start practicing parking, gay. so officially i have NO classes with a n y o n e next year, it's so ignorant..next year's going to be ridiculously hard. ugh. tomorrow is going to be SO easy tho, 50 minute classes opposed to the norm. 80. yeeeah pretty happy, we're having a party in english that nobes is unaware of, and it will be amazing. =]Spanish is going to be a regular class because the clain hates us, a lot. especially me, cuz i don't do my work. ops, my bad. Today was a really good day actually, geometry was really easy - he just gave us review problems, soo easy. In art all we did was clean out our portfolios and review for the final, so pretty much i love branden look. =] he's my buddy. Study hall we watched remember the titans absolute best movie of all time kids..morgen&nick&cole&garrett decided to be wicked cool kids and sit outside at lunch, kayla made me congradulations on eating your ice cream award =] cuz well, i AM the best at it. haha. Early American history we were supposed to be working on our final, buttttt instead i worked on kris's..kind of. i couldn't concentrate because CHRISTOPHER&JOSH wouldn't stop talking to us about their signatures, because they have no lives and that's all they do. =] i'm just kidding about the no lives part, they really do write their signatures all the time. haha but i love them a lot still. Al brought me pictures from prom, they came out kind of cute, i don't like them of me much. ohhhh well. Soo andy brought me home, & i finished whatever i didn't finish for clain..well almost finish, not quite yet. ------ soooo next friday i'm pretty sure all of us are going to cody's camp? i hope so..probably hit up violets sometime next week anyway though. i'm going tanning. love you bitches♥

bye bye beautifuls.♥

sexy isn't what you wear ♥ it's how you take it off ;] that's hot.


4:19pm June 6th]
[ mood | crazy ]

so school's almost over, wicked happy about it. =] actually to be completly honest, i'm going to miss it a little..well pretty much everything besides spanish - it's totally kicking my ass right now, hardcore. ugh. noo spanish 4 for me next year tho thanks. morgen:trav&b.rad crazzzies. =] my schedule next year sucks SO much though, i have 8.5 credits next year..ridiculous, i thought i had liiike 7 maybe? well, this is how it goesss.
study hall/gym ta - marzilli/good
chemistry - merrill
conflict [ which i'm dropping by the way. :)] - gavett
U.S history - small
MEA/SAT prep - vose
chemistry lab - merrill
Algebra 2 - poullin
English 11.2 - greene
hmm. yeah sucks SO much, but i'm dropping conlfict cuzzz i only have a half study hall all year which would mean, i have NO study hall second semester, yeah no thanks. dropping conflict, not to mention the fact that i have no classes with morgen, megan, taylor, & sarah && i only have one class with meghan, =[ i'm gonna miss not having them in my classes. lauren's in two of mine ++++ we're ta's together, ohh man. so that's pretty awesome, but other than that..gay. So seniors last dayyy =[ i'm gonna miss tristan a ton =[ he's my fav. &&& big ben. i'm sad about it. k. done anyway. =] reardon tried giving me detention today..everyday that man tries it, he hates me a lot. =] my bad. Slept today in english, alllll class..it was pretty great. i won't lie, Clain was a HUGE whore today, as opposed too? ugh i hate that women. i though i liked her, yeah wrong. ugh..so KAYLA & i are friends again, mann. i love that girl..haha she's such a scavenger =] heh. i go for my license on wednesday - sooo nerv. eeee !! ash:brent&fawn go tomorrow, i'm nerv for them..HOPEFULLY we all get it..we clean out our lockers wednesday, i'm gonna make craig do it..hah, he friggen loves me. -- harding's pissed at me, my bad =[ -- he'll get over it. anyway. i'm going to the mall. have fun kids. =]

bye bye beautifuls.♥

PS. -- pool bandits. ♥ we love. haha // morgen:megan:meghan:eric:ashley:taylor :)

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dawn of the dead = grosssss. [Sunday
11:56pm May 29th]
[ mood | crushed ]

adsfkjasdlhfkjdsfh that's how i feel right now. really it is..yesterday, sucked. today sucked. it's been a pretty sucky weekend..actually deffinetly a sucky weekend. but i guess i'll tell you about it anyway..FRIDAY // Laur,Jess,Kris&& i went to the mall, saw pretty much everyone. Brady picked us up & we came back here..i let them dye my hair. At first i absolutly hateddddd it, now it's sort of growing on me i guess..Thennn Meg picked up Kris, and Jessie lauren and i went to wendy's and visit andy at work. BUT on our way back from wendy's Cody's pager went off & we had to sit in the jeep for a good, hmm..hour&a half. so boring, we hated it. anyways, then we came home..went to bed. Lauren left, then jessie. Thennn Taylir came over \\i love her so much//..went to brent's for a little while, left at liike 8..came back here with nate. Thennn went out to eat with Nick, Nate & Sarah..Thennn back to Nicks to get his truck, then my house to drop off Sarah's car..thennn to Billy's house for a little bit..thennnn John King's for almost 5 minutes..thennn Cassey's for liiike a half hour, if even. &&& then we went back to Nick's house until liiike 12:30ish, on the way home Billy called. haha, we love it. =] i PROBABLY would..ha. Anyway, came home went to sleep. Sarah left around 10 today. I took a shower and what not. Lauren got here, went to Morgens got ready for Zach's. Lauren left because she didn't feel good. =[ feel better hun.i love you!! So anyway. got to Zach's hung out, some pictures were brought up..scarred most of us for life to say the least, due to mr.dority. ew. haha..Cody decided to be a queer - which by the way i had nooo part in. but whatev. thenn we watched dawn of the dead, chels & i sat by each other becaue we thought it was going to be scary but ahh, it's just gross. dawn of the dead = grosss we stopped eating our ice cream cuz we thought we were going to throw up. blaht! So i fell asleep towards the end of the movie, they decided to be jerks and put lotion on me..fags. you guys suck a lot. but i love you just as much. =] So then brent & i left. I came home cried a lot - don't want to talk about it really. thenn phone. Now i'm just kind of hanging out, probably going to bed in a few minutes because i'm ridiculously tired, no idea what's up for tomorrow..probably a little homework & what not. not sure? xoxo

bye bye beautifuls♥

if you only knew how much i need you.♥

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you`re the closest to heaven..that i`ll ever be. [Monday
1:06pm May 16th]
[ mood | sick ]

home sick today. so sick. i hate it so much. =[ so saturday i stayed the night at morgens with meg; ash; and kris.i love those girls, although i`m sure none of us have been so scared in our lives. it was fun =] lol..we watched the Green Mile for like the 5th time, it`s so sad. i have a few pictures on my photobucket, they`re uhh. interesting? to say the least. haha. but, i`m gonna go to bed.

bye bye beautifuls♥

It’s not always easy..& sometimes life can be deceiving...i’ll tell you one thing..it’s always better when we’re together. ♥ i love tristin taylor.

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